Saturday, March 3, 2012

Believe Notes Branding :: Business Cards

Since starting this business a few years ago, I've probably gone through 4 different business card designs. And don't even ask me to count how many times I've changed my blog design! I think I speak for all designers in saying that the most difficult thing is self branding & designing for your self. I've posted about it before - when I made Believe Notes grammatically correct, when I asked for help picking a new logo, when I finally shared my love for orange, and when I just needed to vent about the difficulty of branding.

After finally picking a logo, I moved on to use the design elements of it in my Etsy shop, on my Facebook page, and on the Believe Notes Website - but one thing I never did was create business cards for myself. It's totally embarrassing to be meeting new people and have them ask for a card and not be able to give them one. It wasn't that I didn't want one, trust me, I desperately wanted that little 3.5 x 2" paper that perfectly represented myself and my business - but I just had a difficult time designing that itty bitty piece of perfection.

I would sit down every day after work and try to create a business card. A few months ago I even reached out to my twitter followers to ask for advice on some sample designs. Then, after taking in all the generous feedback, I sat on the designs for a long time before finally picking and editing the one I loved the most.

And now I finally have business cards.

They are classic and simple on the front, with just enough contact information that people will know where to find me, but without so much information that the text is cluttered. It's total business on the front, and party on the back. I updated the colors on a pattern I created a long time ago, and I love the punches of orange and light blue. The cards are printed on 100% Cotton paper, which makes them soft and luxurious.

If I could describe these cards in one word it would be: Me. They are totally, completely representative of who I am and where I am at this very moment in life & business. Let me also add that I am damn proud to hand these suckers out now!

Can't wait to use the design elements from my new business cards to pull together all of the packaging ideas that I have! My goal is to have one cohesive look for all of my branding, and while it won't happen over night, it will indeed happy over time.

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  1. Your business cards look very sophisticated. I love the minimalist yet attractive layout. How did you come up with this lovely design, Jackie?


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