About Me

My name is Jackie and I'm the designer behind Believe Notes. I'm one of those can't-sit-still, let's-go-do-something, whoops-shouldn't-have-touched-that types of people and I love using stationery and design as my creative outlet.

Although my designs may be modern, my traditional outlook is what essentially created Believe Notes. In a time when everything & anything can be done electronically, I still firmly believe in printed stationery. When I saw the trend emerging with online wedding invitations, I felt compelled to create and promote gorgeous printed designs - thus Believe Notes was born.

I began with making my own engagement party invitations several years ago & I was smitten with the process. Since then I have expanded my designs to include wedding invitation suites, stationery, business cards, party invitations and holiday cards. Please check out my Believe Notes Etsy Shop where I offer some of my most popular items. Right now wedding invitations are done on a custom basis, so please email me if you're interested at believenotes@yahoo.com.

While designing is a passion of mine, it isn't my main gig. Like I said, I need to be doing ten thousand things at once! By day I am a Human Resource Professional specializing Industrial Organization Psychology, specifically Talent Development - say that ten times fast!! I love working with people and helping them grow professionally, so this is the perfect day job for me!

So now that you know about me, let me tell you about the other characters in my life:

I'm a newly wed, which means I'll talk about my husband a lot. His name is Mike, but he doesn't really like to be mentioned by name, so you'll probably see me refer to him as Mr. Law, which refers to his job as New York's Finest.

Last year we rescued a puppy, Juliet. She's named after the Juliet from LOST - if we get a boy dog he will promptly be named Sawyer. Juliet is a chow, collie, shepherd love mutt and a total, complete snuggle-bug.

Me, Mike and Juliet (in puppy form) circa 2010

I'd like to think I'm pretty darn friendly, so feel free so contact me at believenotes@yahoo.com. I love when people drop a line, even if it's just to say "hello."

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy following me along in my journey as a designer, professional, wife and puppy-mom.


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