Thursday, February 23, 2012

Packaging Inspiration

I've been really looking at ways to improve my packaging and branding design. My goal is to streamline all of my products so that I have a cohesive "line" and every item is clearly from Believe Notes. Right now my packaging is kind of blah, and totally all over the place - it is definitely in need of some organization and streamlining.

At the moment, I wrap all of my items in tissue paper and then add a ribbon and a label. That's it. Best part? The ribbon doesn't even go with my brand colors. While it doesn't look bad, it just doesn't fit my overall brand theme, which is clean, simple and modern. If you order something from me today, this is most likely how your item will arrive:

Not bad, but not amazing either.

When I first started my business I was definitely concerned with the costs of everything and so my packaging evolved out of items I already had on hand, which was cost effective. As time has gone on, I have realized that part of operating a business means spending money; you know the phrase "you have to spend money to make money".  So the past few weeks (ok, you got me, it's been months) I've been investing in my company. The next investment I need to make is in the packaging department.

Here are some pictures (thank you pinterest!) that are helping me make my final packaging decisions:

Sally J. Shim
Bakers Twine from Cute Tape
originally spotted on The Dieline
from Oh, Hello Friend

So there you have it, my inspiration for meeting my goals during project "revamp packaging". I plan on sticking to my colors of white, orange, cream and aqua - while using fun little details. All to ensure that, when receiving an order from Believe Notes, it's almost too pretty to open. Almost.

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