Monday, March 19, 2012

Custom Recap - Feminine Silhouette Cards for a Lovely Little One-Year-Old

Up next on my Custom Recap series are these beautiful cards I created for a little girl that was turning one. I was contacted by her interior decorator, who was charged with trying to find the perfect note cards that were super girly and had the perfect amount of bling.

I was provided with the silhouette and created the rest of the card from there. How adorably sweet are these cards?!

Not only were these cards a dream to design, but they also served as a huge learning experience. I had used crystal embellishments plenty of times in the past, but this was the first time I had to ship so many embellished cards cross country. For whatever reason (eventually I figured out it might have been a humidity issue) the crystals on the cards just didn't stay on. I reprinted & re-glued the crystals, and after mailing them cross country (fingers crossed) three different times, my poor customer kept getting cards where the crystals were all over the place. Harumph. Eventually I reprinted all of the cards (for like, the third or fourth time, I think!) and sent them crystal-free so that they could put the crystals on themselves. 

As a designer, it's always heartbreaking when you work so hard on something and it doesn't end up the way you expected, but bless my patient client, she stuck with me and at the end of the day the cards were amazing. 

Oh, and I spent almost a month after these cards working out all of the kinks with crystals on invitations. After quite a few phone calls, and test trials later, I've found a glue that, I kid you not, would be able to hold my big old butt to the ceiling if it had to! Haven't had a problem since :)

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