Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Custom Hand Embossed Monogram Art Prints - Now Available

I am so excited to announce the newest item to the Believe Notes shop! Custom Monogram Art Prints that are hand embossed in your choice of either metallic silver or gold, a-mazing, I know!

The inspiration for these came from my best friend Sarah, who created a beautiful work of art for me and my husband on our one-year anniversary. I didn't know that the first anniversary is the paper anniversary, and since paper is sort of my thing, I knew I had to do something great for her upcoming anniversary!

My wheels started turning - I wanted to create something that seemed effortless and timeless. Something modern, but classic. Something that would stay with a couple for their whole lives. And then I finally came up with the idea of a framed custom monogram, but in metallic embossing to make it fresh and modern.

And with that, I present to you the newest item in my shop - bound to make gift buying for weddings and anniversaries a whole lot easier!

Is it not every bit as lovely as you imagined a metallic, hand embossed monogram could be? The print does not come with a frame, but I particularly love it paired with a simple black wood frame, such as this one. It really is the perfect gift - for weddings, first anniversaries (any anniversary), for yourself or your partner...the list goes on and on!

And to celebrate the new item, I am offering 10% off this week only. Use coupon code MONOLOVE10 when purchasing the print in the shop.

I would also love to work on custom commissioned prints, so if you want a different style, please contact me at believenotes(at)yahoo.com and let's put something together.

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