Sunday, January 31, 2010


For those of you who are not familiar with Minted, well, be ready to fall in love!! Minted is a website full of custom stationary created by talented artists around the world. They hold themed competitions open to any artist, anywhere. People can submit anything from whimsical, to modern, to vintage style, to, well ANYTHING! After submitting as many designs as you'd like the other minties (erm- members) vote on all the designs. Winners are chosen, awards are given, and the best designs are published and sold on the website.

Here are some of my latest submissions to Minted's "Good House Keeping" stationary competition.

These are some of my favorites, and I believe voting is still open, so if you like these too, sign on and vote for me!! Minted is where the action is, and my designer page is

Valentine's Day

While I personally think Valentine's Day is a bit over-rated (why can't my love know I love him everyday?), I have had the pleasure of creating several Valentine's Day cards.  Heads up though, I think I just may be passing some Cupid Cards around at the office :]

Some of the many little Valentine's Day doo-dads I've gotten to work on:

HELLO winter!

Anybody else have a totally crazy holiday season and winter?? It's nuts! I'm pretty sure I have some major time judgment issues, I cannot believe tomorrow is February!!

The past month, for me, has been filled with creativity, fun, and lots of work. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Cards I made for some of my family members, friends, and future family members. I love creating things for family, it's so personal for me, and while making a client happy is the goal, it's just amazing when I get to make my family happy:

This was my holiday card this year, which is my absolute favorite card of all time:

Congrats to a very special couple and your first child!!':

Elegant Thank-You cards:

Oh, and my new slippers which have been doing a fab job of keeping my tootsies warm! :]

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