Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Orange? Believe Notes has a NEW LOOK! (again!)

Remember this post? I mentioned how frustrated I was with branding, and that I feel like every six months I need a new look.

That was in January. Fast forward exactly six months, and indeed I have sipped the kool aid. Time for another re-brand. Do you also remember this post? Because that's when the drinking really began.

And may I make one thing very clear, I did not drink pink kool aid, I drank orange kool aid....because orange is sorta my thang.

Orange has worked its way into my life in a really adorable and meaningful way. When I met Mr. Law  (over 8 years ago, yeesh) he loved orange. I wasn't crazy about orange yet, but as time progressed, so did I, and so did my adoration for the punchy hue. Then, I bought myself an orange rain coat. Let's say it was a turning point, because that coat was an investment, if you know what I mean. From then on, orange was not just a color, it was our color.

When we purchased our home last year, I spray painted an antique captains chair BRIGHT orange. It's now one of my favorite parts of our home - oh wait, the orange chair and the CRAZY ORANGE BUDDHA!

Yes, I almost forgot, I found a crazy orange Buddha statue at a sale once and had to have it. It sits happily on our antique china cabinet and watches us eat. When I sneak a cookie, crazy orange Buddha knows.

When we got married I wanted an all white wedding, and my hubs wanted - you guessed it - orange. When my girls and I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses, we all collectively gravitated towards one dress and one dress only - and as luck would have it, it was orange.

So, I have continued to sip my favorite colored kool aid, and now my business is going orange as well.

I hope you all enjoy the new punch of color!!!

Don't mind the mess, but that's our office chair :)

Miss Juliet and her orange toy

We even had orange at our engagement party! These were the favors that I made.

I discovered the way to get him to clean: an ORANGE vacuum!

Our wedding invitations

My beautiful girls and their orange dresses

Can you spot the crazy Buddha???? He's laughing at the "day after bridal shower" mess!

Ok all, enjoy!!!

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