Monday, January 16, 2012

Area Rug Bargains!

Yesterday while the men were finishing up some demo work in the kitchen, my mom and I sneaked away for a little while to find some area rugs. We went to our favorite store, Home Goods, and hit the total JACKPOT! After 45 minutes we managed to find two area rugs, plus a dresser. I didn't have room in the car for the dresser, but there's a good chance I'll be back at the store today to pick it up.

The first rug I purchased is an orange area rug. I love orange.  Actually, you may remember this post, where I lusted over an orange dhurrie rug from West Elm. Well, the rug I purchased is a look a-like, and it was originally $150, but I had gift cards and snagged the rug for only $87! SCORE!!!

The second rug I purchased was an impulse buy. I have this ongoing joke with my husband were I find crazy things at stores and send him pictures asking to buy them. I like crazy things, and need to test the waters. Let it be known that I have never purchased something my husband hated, his opinion matters a boatload to me, this is his home too! Anyway, I found a crazy rug - I loved the pattern, but it's crazy. So, for shits and giggles, I snapped a pick and sent it to the husband. I didn't think he's like it, so I actually purchased the orange rug and left the store. My husband called me when I was in the car driving away to say he LOVED the crazy rug! HA! So I turned the car around and bought the crazy rug. It's a discontinued Ralph Lauren for Safavieh that was marked down from $900 to $400, but then it was mislabeled as on sale for $300. After speaking with the manager, and only $300 later, that sucker was in my trunk. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but it's in our master bedroom. It's crazy!

Well this is the one from West Elm that I wanted, but never purchased because I missed the sale and refused to pay full price (I'm cheap like that):

And here are the two rugs we got from Home Goods:

We might play around with the two rugs in other rooms. What are your thoughts? Have I lost my mind completely???

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