Saturday, January 21, 2012


We're on day 14 of project New Kitchen and we're starting to wind down. We still have lots and lots to do, but I'm majorly proud of my husband for all of the hard work he's done over the past two weeks. What started as new hardwood floors turned into a new kitchen and then turned into new track lighting and then turned into replacing all of the doors in the home. What started out *small* became rather large, and our home has totally transformed almost in Extreme Makeover style. I'm blown away by the whole process and cannot wait to see everything when it's totally done in two weeks, when our quartz counters arrive.

Oh a side note, anybody else have quartz? How totally cool is it when they come and measure for the template? The poor guy that came to do ours yesterday was surrounded by my husband, my dad and myself. We were like little kitchen stalkers in awe of his process. As he measured and surveyed and lazered and digitized (among other equally cool things), he had his own little audience full of "ohhh!!" and "wow! did you see that?!". He definitely thinks we're freaks.

Anyway, it's snowing here in NYC right now and it's the first snow we've had this winter. It's super pretty and while I'd love to go to the park and enjoy it, I really need to get back to cleaning my home. And eventually, I really need to get back to designing. This two week hiatus has been painful, and I cannot wait to start working on some fun projects I have lined up!

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