Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Hello!


I'm having blog withdrawals, seriously! While I want to gab on and on about the past holiday season, New Years resolutions, future stationery projects, and some other fun (and design related things), I cannot get my brain to move past the dust and chaos that is happening all around me. Right now, my home is about 50% completed, with new floors, new lighting, new area rugs and a completely demolished kitchen. Hopefully by the end of this week the kitchen will be totally finished - except for the counters, which take a few weeks to be produced.

Here are some pictures of what the past week has been like (courtesy of iPhone, since I packed away my real camera, oops):

 As you can see, the past week has been action packed. We found all sorts of surprises, from the good (five bucks, thank you!) to the really nasty (more mold under the floors). We used Lumber Liquidators for the floors, and they were a pleasure, I'm thrilled with the outcome. I hope the kitchen goes in as easily as the floors did! 

Speaking of kitchens, how awesome does it look without the walls? Hellllllo open layout. Tomorrow our cabinets and appliances are being delivered. Thank goodness. I am counting down the days to having a hot meal again. Oh, and my desperation for a hot meal is mostly because my husband dropped our old microwave, which means right now I cannot even boil water. Darn! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I'll be back very soon to share some area rug bargains! Yippie!

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