Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Happy Cake

So today was the first Wed since Christmas that NYC didn't have a snow storm. Somebody at the office said we had the week "off", my response was that we actually had the week "on" seeing as we haven't had to work a full week since our first blizzard back in December 2010.

Maybe I'm a little grumpy, a little stressed, and slightly on edge, but hey, who doesn't have a day like that every once in a while?

I came home from work today- after working a longer day than I ever want to work- and needed a pick-me-up.....

and I found one....

Have you EVER seen ANYTHING happier than this cake???

This beautiful, oh so happy cake was created by One Charming Party for an art themed party. I'm pretty sure this would brighten just about any day!

Happy Wednesday! Don't be a grump!!

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