Saturday, February 5, 2011

Calling Cards

So about a month and a half ago I decided I needed some business cards. Lately people that are interested in my work have been asking for a business card, and sadly, I've always just scribbled my information on a napkin or whatever and handed to them. Procrastination at its finest, I suppose.

But then last month I was meeting with a vendor I booked for my wedding and they casually mentioned that they also sell a line of paper products, if I was interested. I declined and said I was making all of my own stationery for the wedding, and since I had a sample of my invitation with me, I pulled it out to show her. Well, she said she loved it. In fact, she asked to keep it and offered to sell some of my products in her boutique! Awesome, right?!! The embarrassing part came when she asked me to drop off some business cards. Oops.

So, that was it, I needed cards - and fast. So without much thought I whipped up a design for myself and had 50 printed.

Go figure that right after I made my own cards (which, honestly aren't my favorite, because they were so rushed) Minted came out with the next challenge, and, you guessed it, the designed were tasked with creating Calling Cards.

Seems these little informational workhorses are all the rage right now.

Here are my submissions for this challenge (hint, hint, vote for me!):

"Color Drops"


I've already started thinking about my next batch of business cards....

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