Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mug Love

After buying our first home, I came to realize something. I'm in love with all vessels for drinking. Mugs, glasses, flutes, tea cups, you name it and I want it.

So I'm thinking that maybe some of you either haven't gotten your significant others a Valentine's Day gift yet...or maybe you haven't told your significant other what you want yet. How about a pair of mugs to share a cup of hot cocoa together?

Here are some I would certainly love to add to my collection:

Storm Trooper Mug - what guy WOULDN'T want this?!
A quote from Pride and Prejudice for Valentine's Day? Um, yes please!
It's a fantasy of mine to have every Pantone Mug EVER on display in my kitchen.
How adorable and fun are these buggers from How About Orange?
Measuring cups that look like coffee mugs? Oh Anthro, how I love you.
West Elm has these amazing modern monogram mugs.
Moody? Pick a mug to match!
Perfect for an elephant lover, or just somebody that needs better luck!
Perfect for the tea lover

Ahhh, and now I'm going off to read the paper with my cup of coffee :)

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