Saturday, February 26, 2011

April Showers...

As in Bridal Showers. As in Mine.

Here are some fun details:

First, I created these beautiful floral invitations on a whim. The location of the shower is an awesome pressed sandwich place in a trendy Long Island area. Showers, I think, are generally these very frilly, girly, super pink events where girls get together and play with ribbons and bows and open gifts for a home. Don't get me wrong, I love all things frilly and pink and home related, however, I wanted something a little more trendy for my own shower.

The invitations have a few nods to both the trendy and the traditional. The flowers are super traditional, while the color pallete is a nod to tradition. The traditional pinks are updated with a more neutral color undertone of almost smokey pinks and purples. The fonts are a mix of modern and classic, which a few twists here and there. The whole suite is beautifully packaged with another nod to tradition: lace.

Overall I absolutely LOVE the way the shower invitations came out. And I'm even more thrilled that the post office allowed me to use some non-conventional mailing labels.

Here's a peak at the invites:


And what do you get when you add together tomato sauce cans + purple bed sheets + lace ribbon + roses?

DIY Centerpieces!

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak!!

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