Saturday, February 26, 2011

February in a Nutshell

Fun things are happening here in the land o' weddings and stationery. I'm noticing that with less than 4 months until the wedding, each day gets just a notch busier than the last. Mr. Law and I are getting really excited, as are our friends and families.

There are been a few highlights to Feb, which I'll summarize here, and then I'll try to give you a post for each major topic.

First, we booked my bridal shower location, I made and sent out invitations, and now I'm fighting the urge everyday to check my registry (bad, I know - but it's like knowing where Santa hides the gifts!)

Second, Mr. Law and I had our Pre-Cana, which may seem boring, except that our counselor was pretty awesome. I'll share some of our enlightenment (and laughter) in another post.

Third, Valentine's day may be long gone, but I never got to share with you the best gift on the planet....

Third, I'm nearing the completion of putting together the wedding invitations. It's a little bittersweet because I'm a design junkie and once the invitations are over, well, what am I going to do?? I'll give you a little glimpse into the final product, and if you're really lucky, I'll share my wedding day inspiration board.

Here's a picture to inspire your weekend:

Saw these on Eat Drink Chic. Yum.

Spring is coming!!! And that means ice-cream cones. And um, how AMAZING is this stationery? I want an ice-cream party just to be able to create invitations with this adorable theme!!!

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