Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't Allow Fear to Stop Your Business From Growing!

This is a so-real-I'm-shaking-as-I-write-it post. Lately I've felt a little like I've been dealing with a severe case of writers, designers, and an overall creative block. At one point last week, I felt panic creeping up through my stomach, and I knew, in that moment, I needed to get to the bottom of the craziness. So I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what happened to make me all of a sudden feel this way, and I realized what it is.

My business is growing and I am terrified. Absolutely, dibilitatingly terrified.

There are so many things I know that I need to do to continue to let my business grow, and I was SO certain about these things until a few people planted a few seeds of doubt in my mind. And then those seeds began to grow, and then before I knew it, I had allowed a garden of fear grow. Instead of spending my days just doing the things I knew I needed to do, I found myself thinking about them, analyzing them, and then thinking of a million reasons NOT to do them.

For example, hiring an intern. I need an intern, I need somebody to help me prep files, place orders, research new products, and manage some of my vendor contact relationships. Having an intern would free me up to spend quality time on my new business and working one-on-one with my clients in a more timely fashion. I need an intern.

But when I told a few acquaintances about my need for an intern, they kind of looked at me sideways. One person even said that I shouldn't bring on an intern because I work full time, and do I really want to have an intern spending more time on my business during the day than I do? My gut was screaming "yes! Yes that's exactly what I want! I need somebody to help me when I'm not around", but the way this person was making it sound, I began to feel ashamed for wanting that, and like I would be losing the quality of my business. She asked, "What if they screw things up, and you wouldn't even know until you're home from work?", insinuating that I would then be spending more time fixing the mistake than getting any work done.

That was the bad, bad seed. Which grew, and blossomed, and began spreading like a weed through all of my other business ideas.

What if I hire a lawyer to do my trademarking and then the trademark got rejected?

What if I hire somebody to do my website and it doesn't look perfect?

What if I invest in my new business, and then NOTHING comes of it?

What if I invest in my business, and then something DOES come of it, and I can't keep up with it, and have to turn people down, thus halting my growth all together?


You see, that seed is a damn weed.

But I am no longer watering it.

If I can't launch my business this month, as planned, that's OK - it will launch as soon as it's perfect. I'm going to hire an intern. I'm going to continue to invest in my business, and it will continue to grow. I am going to launch an amazing, successful, luxury wedding invitation line. I am going to succeed.

And I am going to do it all by just taking each and every small step, and just doing it.

I'm going to do it. Say that with me: I am going to do it. I am, I am, I am.

Alright, excuse me while I go and put up a listing for an intern...


  1. sounds like you need to have acquaintances with a positive attitude, and ditch those naysayers!

    stick to your gut. you'll be fine. And so what if your intern makes a mistake, i suspect they will try to fix it themselves - after all , you'll hire someone that shares your sense of perfection (hopefully - and if they aren't right, you'll find someone who is.)

    Keep us posted and stay positive. It will be your best friend and ally.

    1. You are so right! And I'm really excited to start the process of finding the perfect intern :)

  2. You are amazing, Jackie! I love your honesty with your business plans - I am positive you will look back on this post when you have a FULL time thriving wedding business, and will laugh that you doubted yourself : )

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! You're amazing, and I'm so excited to carry a little bit of you into my new business xoxo

  3. Don't let those people tell you those things. When they say that stuff, just know that they are probably jealous and envious and that's all it is. They can't let you be happy in your success and that's pretty sad. KEEP MOVING FORWARD! you're doing amazing things and I just know success is in your future (if not already there).

    1. Thanks Molly! It's sad that there are people out there, but I think we all encounter them sometimes, and now I see how important it is to not let them move into your head :)


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