Sunday, April 15, 2012

Minted Design Challenge - Deck the Office Business Holiday Card Challenge

I know, I know, it's only April! But it's Christmas in full swing over at Minted. As designers we have to start preparing for the holidays way in advance, so the Minted holiday challenges are always in late spring/early summer. 

The most recent design challenge is the "Deck the Office Business Holiday Card Challenge" which had asked us designers to come up with some non-photo holidays cards that would be perfect for businesses to send to their clients. You can go vote on all (593!) of the fabulous designs here.  

Please go and vote on my designs to tell me what you think of them. Here are my two submissions for this challenge:

I've always admired the designers that can use textures and colors in their designs. For some reason I always thought it was something I couldn't do, but a few weeks ago I started trying to learn the art. There's definitely a lot to learn, but I love the way these two designs came out! Hope you like 'em too! 

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