Sunday, April 22, 2012

Font Lust :: Spring Finds

I've got the itch again...the font buying itch.

There are have been so many lovely new fonts coming out, and I've been working on some beautiful custom designs which make me want to use beautiful fonts. I love fonts.

Here are some fonts that I'm swooning over right now.

Brownstone is a popular, fun, sans serif that is on sale for only $83. Not only do you get the font, but you get all of the amazing frames as well. Or, if you don't need the whole package, by the pieces separately for under $25 each.

Air is a fun new font. I love the big, round letters, and could totally see it on a birthday party invitation. It's now on sale for $63 for all 5 fonts.

Jacques & Gilles is all the rage right now. It's a brand new calligraphy font from Emily Lime and is only $17! Emily Lime always releases fonts for super great prices before they go "main stream". Usually fonts start at $70+, so run over and catch this one before it hits the big time!

Reina is a beautiful typeface that blends calligraphy with bold, serif type. I love that I can't pinpoint the exact style, which makes me feel like I could use it in a variety of designs. It has TONS of buying options, with prices starting at $22, so do some research before figuring our which one will suite you the most.

Enjoy your font shopping everybody!

1 comment:

  1. Fab post! Bought the new Emily Lime font right away! Thank You x


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