Monday, September 26, 2011

The Itch Up Catch Up

I was woken up last night by a throbbing in my hand and came to realize that my hand had swollen and my wedding rings were cutting off circulation to my finger. Quick trip to the bathroom, and a little Windex later, I got my rings off and went back to bed. I got up this morning to go to work and freaked when I saw myself in the mirror - I'm all puffy and swollen, with either a hive or a bug bite smack in the middle of my forehead. Fabulous. I feel a little like an elephant, and an itchy one at that.

And since my face/head seems to be taking the brunt of this latest allergic reaction, I feel a little like sticking my face into a bucket of ice water.


So, instead of scratching non-stop, I am hoping to get myself some meds (I'm rarely happy about pills, but right now I am!) work on some things around the house, upload some pictures of my recent finished design projects, maybe get some wedding designs together for the newest Minted Challenge, work on my holiday card line, hit the food stores so that I can eat something with my rice for dinner tonight, and then maybe I can do some laundry. Too much? You're right, I'll be lucky if I can get two of those things done.

Oh, and also, I now have a Twitter! Follow me at @BelieveNotes! I'm still futsing around a bit, but loving Twitter so far!

So, depending on how I feel today, you might be in for a few more posts! Keep checking back :)

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