Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Moment With Believe Notes...

At this very moment, on September 17, 2011, I am printing a custom project for a friend, working on sending out a few digital proofs of other custom orders, and sipping on pumpkin pie spice coffee. While I am in my office, feeling pretty zen, my husband is on the other side of our home in the living room. He's playing some sort of video game while yelling at our dog who keeps crying to be played with. Poor thing wants to go outside and enjoy this beautiful day - and my poor husband seems to never be able to get away from nagging (as he says).

As I'm here, working away, I'll hear a little bark from the other room, followed by a "Shutup!", followed by a long groan (my dog groans as communication) followed by a "Darn! Stop yelling at me!". HA - I love the total role reversal of my husband telling the dog to stop yelling at him.

It's an amazingly beautiful autumn day here in NYC. I've got all the windows open and a sweatshirt on.

Oh, and now my dog has come to beg me to play. Ohh, Juliet, I love your little face!

Juliet brought me her toy!
And now she tries the puppy-dog-eyes to get me to play with her!

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