Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Get Things Done!

It's been a fun week for me. My favorite thing to do is to get things done - I am definitely not the type to sit around and "lounge". That being said, Mr. Law is more of the "lounge" type, and so of course we have the never ending battle of how to spend our little bits of spare time.

This week I won the battle and we got things done. I mean, we totally rocked the installation of our new entertainment unit, and even though we still have some finishing touches, I am thrilled with how it came out.

We also got all of our wedding pictures back and were able to narrow down from 1,500++ pictures down to 75 for the album. I absolutely love working with my photographers and cannot wait to get the digital files back so I can share some of the loveliness with you.

On the design side of the world, I have been working on a few different custom business card designs, the Believe Notes wedding invitation suites (any day now!!), and some other super pretty custom projects.

Tomorrow our new sofa arrives, and in case you haven't been following along, we did decide to go with the leather one. I'm both excited and nervous to see if I can accomplish my goal of making a room with a chocolate leather sofa seem light and elegant.

In the meantime, if you want to hum along with me today, I'll be listening to A Fine Frenzy, because Alison makes me feel like a little kid playing out in the field :) Love her!

Have a good day!!!

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