Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Project!

It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm gonna have me some fun!!

and by fun, I mean installing a new custom entertainment center. Don't judge, fun comes in all shapes and sizes.

I've decided to take a little time to embrace my new leather sofa (yes, my arm was twisted and we went with the leather sofa talked about in the previous post). Our kitchen gut-job has been put off from this fall to the winter, since Mr. Law has a big exam to take in the fall and I want him to be able to focus 100% on that. My dad will be taking off some time in January to oversee the kitchen work...I'm stressed already because they (my father my husband, and my father-in-law) seem to think they can do the job totally on their own. Eek, some things seem OK as DIY, other things *ahem- kitchens -ahem* seem better fit for professionals.

Anyway - there are some REALLY exciting things coming down the pipe. I've got vendor reviews for all of you looking to throw a fabulous wedding or other type of fête. I've also come fun custom designs I have been working on, along with some other pretty little things.

In the meantime, since I have home decor on the mind, here are some things I have been drooling over....

As seen on 6th Street Design School
Dining Chairs? Anything is possible at Dwell Studio
A dark sofa in a light room? Holy smokes, I'm smitten!!!
So that last picture was pulled off of pinterest. Which brings me to the point of, well, pinterest....I have a feeling most of you that read blogs regularly are aware of the amazingness that is pinterest, but if you are not aware, you need to become aware. It's a lovely site that almost reminds me of an online bulletin board. You can browse the internet and then "pin" all of your favorite things and they get stored to your pinterst site. It's crazy addicting, save me tons of time, and provides a huge amount of inspiration for almost all of my designs. Right now the site is invite only, but if you are interested in getting an invite, I have a few left so email me at In the meantime, go check out my boards and pins :)

Enjoy your weekend everybody! If I have a break during assembly of my entertainment center, I might even come and blog the progress, yay!!

<3 Jackie

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