Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Blogging Dilemma

Alright everybody, I have a dilemma. There are too many things on my plate right now and it's hindering my ability to give you the best blog ever. For starters, I have so many things on my mind that I want to blog about, but then I just don't know which thing to blog about I end up staring at the "new post" screen for hours before closing it out with no new post at all. Harrrumph.

So here are some topics that have been running in my mind lately:
1- I'm getting married in three weeks. Nuff said.
2- My new invitation line is getting closer and closer to reveal. Would you like some more sneak peaks?
3- Why am I not following more blogs? There's great info out there!! How 'bout this - if you follow me, I'll follow you?
4- My home is a mess right now because both Mr. Law and I have been working overtime, overtime and more overtime....that's what happens when you have a wedding to pay for.
5- I've been obsessed with mashed potatoes lately. Do any of you want to hear more about mashed potatoes? I didn't think so.
6- I should be updating my Etsy shop with all of the custom orders I've been working on. Fun :)
7- It's past my bedtime. It's always past my bedtime. Does anybody have any advice for staying up after 9:30pm? Should I just give up and admit I am secretly an 80-year-old?
this is why I can never decide on a blog topic.

On a good note, I had my final gown fitting this morning. The next time I wear it will be on my wedding day. Freaky. I know.


  1. Jackie,
    I found your blog via the Minted forum- thought I'd check it out and say 'hi' :) You have a great natural writing style, consider me envious! I definitely know what you mean about finding the balance and struggling to blog- I stare at blank 'new post' screens too! Congrats on your very quickly upcoming wedding, the fact that you're still blogging with everything you have going makes you a champ already ;)

  2. Thank you so much Laura!!

    It seems I haven't been getting notifications for my comments, so I am sorry for the delayed response. I really appreciate hearing from you, I so admire your work :)


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