Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad Day & Love

I'm having a bad day. A really, really bad day.
  • My alarm didn't go off so I was running a half hour late to work.
  • The Whitestone Bridge has a new traffic pattern. Make that an hour late for work.
  • I got to work and had stacks of "to-do" paperwork left on my chair. So I sat on them and pretended they weren't there. 
  • I had no milk left for coffee (thank you to my favorite co-worker for giving me some of her milk)
  • My grad school team members noticed we were missing a vital part of our presentation that was due tonight. The discovery happened about two hours before we were supposed to give the presentation. 
  • My very best friend in the ENTIRE world was going to Klienfeld's today to look for a wedding gown for her wedding in October. I couldn't join her. I had to give a presentation. 
  • Oh, right, then the fire drill went off during said presentation.
  • Got a phone call from my wedding coordinator saying the hotel for the wedding is making my fiance and I pay for our own hotel room on the night of our wedding. The same hotel also said they no longer have a bartender and so guests will not be offered drinks and refreshments between church and cocktail hour. Guests are welcome, though, to twiddle their thumbs. 
So anyway - I just got home from class, shoved pizza in my face, and curled up on the floor with my dog. Even the most miserable of days can be saved just by a little puppy lovin'.

A bad day is instantly better when your dog is having an even worse hair day than you are.

This face makes ANY day better!!!
Here's to a better tomorrow!!! Cheers!!!!!

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