Wednesday, May 18, 2011

and it's like rain on your wedding day....

Lately all I hear are questions like "how are you so calm?" and "are you nervous yet?". Up until today I have been able to honestly say, "I'm totally calm! What's there to be nervous about?". But then again, the past two weeks here in NY have been beautiful; sunny, warm, nice breeze and overall lovely. And then Sunday happened. Sunday it all of a sudden got cold and dark, then the skies opened and it poured. Today is Wednesday, the skies are still open, it is still pouring. My wedding is in 11 days, and here is the 10 day forecast: Last year it was 90 degrees over Memorial Day weekend. The year before that, high 80s, the year before that 80s again. You get the picture. Why am I stressed? My ENTIRE wedding is outdoors on the beach. The dinner is under a tent, but the dance floor is on the lawn, under the stars - if they come out, that is.  Now here we are, 11 days before the wedding and we are calling companies to rent heaters. HEATERS! It's the freaking last day before JUNE! I'm not so much worried about rain - in fact, rain can be cool. See:

From Style Me Pretty
No, rain doesn't bother me. I am scared shitless, however, of my guests being cold. If it rains you can go in a tent, if it's cold there is nowhere to warm up. My biggest fear right now is that guests are going to be huddled in the bathroom around little candles trying to stay warm, shivering and miserable, while I, the bride, cry in the corner because my guests are too cold to enjoy themselves. Dramatic, much? I guess it's the bride-stress that has me a bit irrational.

But seriously, I'm in panic mode. While my wedding planner scrambles to secure enough heaters, I've got to make a run to find some cozy pashminas to offer my guests. Other brides have tied in the knot in slightly chilly weather, and they've made it look awesome, I mean, check out these pictures:

Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty (again!)
The Knot
I can do this, right? I just need to let air into my lungs and I can overcome bridal weather terror. Some things are just totally out of my control, but damn the world if I won't do my best to make the day as wonderful as possible for myself, my future husband, and all of our guests. Rain or shine.

Aubrey Joy Photography
Hoffer Photography
Joy Thig Pen


  1. I got married on Memorial Day weekend 2 years ago... in florida. I actually specifically chose May b/c statistically it has the least amount of rainfall. But this weekend, it was a tropical storm. The news called it rains of 'epic proportions'. Needless to say it was stressful watching the forecast get worse and worse in the days leading up to the day. I totally feel your pain and the stress that that darn 10 day forecast can give will change a milliion times in the next 10 days. It ended up stopping for our wedding, but I was still bummed that my guests came to sunny Florida for a little vacay and just got a bunch of rain. Just know that while it might be cool (a low of 60 is not horrible - pashminas will be great and adorable) - it will be fine and they will be happy to be there and enjoy themselves b/c they will be celebrating you and your hubs.

    It might be too late to order - but I got the CUTEST umbrella from 'Bella Umbrella' - you can rent them and or buy them online. tons of colors and styles.... I still used it as a prop. ;)

    Good luck! - and did you know that it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day? lol. you will hear that ALOT!!!!!! ;)

  2. Oh man Lauren! I can only imagine the stress you had regarding not just bad weather but a tropical storm!! What a sweet surprise for you that the rain stopped on your day!! Ugh, the 10 day forecast is a miserable thing. Oh, and statistics suck when they don't work out :(

    I'll definitely check out those umbrellas - thanks for the link and all of encouragement :) :)


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