Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In....again...

You won't normally get a blog update from me during a weekday, but today is different because I'm snowed in! It's the second large snow storm New York City has had this season, and while I love my corporate job, I also LOVE snow days!!! I'm taking the day to romp around the park with my snow-loving dog, and to work on assembling my wedding invitations.

Here are some images to express my love for snow days....

 The above was taken outside of our home, which is located on the water where we would normally be able to look out and see Manhattan and LaGuardia airport. Um, yes, no flights today!!

 The above and below are, of course, little Miss Juliet. We've come to discover that Juliet loves snow. So much in fact, that she likes to stick her face in it and just embrace it - as seen below in an embracing action shot.

Now these buggers look absolutely amazing. They are hot-chocolates-on-a-stick. Recipe can be found here. Although not the same, they remind me of the chocolate covered marshmallows I made for Christmas this year.

If you've never had a chocolate covered marshmallow, you NEED to! They are amazing at room temperature, but absolutely heavenly after being left in the fridge for a while. Oh, and there easy as 1-2-3, literally. 1- put marshmallows on a stick, 2-dip them in melted chocolate, 3- roll them in your favorite topping! See! Easy!!!

So before I go off for another round of romping in the park (Juliet has just brought me her leash, hint hint) I want to share these absolutely-freaking-adorable snowman milks! Ahhh how I love life sometimes!! These are also easy as pie, check out the directions here.

Enjoy everybody!!!

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