Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello and Goodbye Holidays


(I had to do that, mostly because it's just so obnoxious)

I can't believe it's all over already! And worst part is I didn't get to blog about any of the chaos, I mean fun.

Here are some highlights of things I browsed throughout December...

Here are a few snaps of a beautiful winter wedding that was featured on Style Me Pretty. 
I love all of the clear candle holders and the beautiful glow that they cast. I am hoping to achieve a very similar feel for my wedding - and have already started saying my prayers to the Wind Gods to please not blow out all my candles!!!

This post was on 100 Layer Cake, which is normally an inspiration for me when designing stationary products, but this time I've fallen in love with the bottom Christmas cake!! I mean, there is just something magical to me about a simple white cake with winter berries. Maybe it has to do with my insane sweet tooth, but either way I love, love love.

Here is an image that really made me go "Wow". Made me think a little bit of Katy Perry, a little bit of my own wedding, and a whole lot of FUN!  (you'll be hearing more about sparklers from me in the near future, BTW)

 Here is a post from the new blog for Sugar Paper, which is an AMAZING stationary group. Totally inspirational, and I hope to some day have a little business like these. They posted a little sneak peak into their production of holiday cards.

Alright, that's all I've got for right now. I figured I would end on a note of the stationary kind, as that is what I'm all about, right? 

Coming soon....I can't wait to talk to you about my first Christmas with Mr. Law, and the new pup (you didn't think you'd get away from a Juliet picture, did you?). Also we have entered 2011, which means that after three years of being engaged, the year of getting married has finally arrived. Planning is in FULL force, so be warned that over the next five months this blog may be transformed into a wedding blog in addition to a stationary one. 

Oh, and big changes are coming, which will be discussed more when I tell you about my Christmas. 


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