Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Talk Flowers

Some brides believe flowers are the most important aspect of their big day. I beg to differ, first off the groom should be the most important aspect, and then secondly...well, secondly is 'everything else', which probably includes flowers.

As a bride, or a non-bride, as my friends say, I too am facing the floral challenge. Generally speaking, I love flowers, I think they make a stunning addition to my dining room table, or on my wine cabinet and so on. My dad has several beautiful white peony bushes in the backyard, and a bunch of gorgeous white and green hydrangea plants in the front garden, so the flowers in my home are usually from his garden. Let's not forget my grandmother-in-law, who has the Garden of Eden in her tiny Bronx backyard....she's incredibly generous in giving me some fresh clippings through the season. I like the flowers, but I wouldn't spend $100+ for them - as I have learned sometimes these things cost that much.

So my dilemma begins. I met with a fabulous florist yesterday to talk about my own wedding. I don't need a ton of flowers by any means - and I planned my wedding that way for a reason. Yet, for a very minimal amount of flowers, I feel like I need to be eating pork-and-beans for the next 4 months. Yikes!

On my way home from meeting with the florist, I had a thought - a fleeting, possibly insane idea. Maybe I can groove up on DIY flowers for the wedding? Here are some of my floral inspirations for the wedding, and I don't think it looks to hard....does it?

Remember, my tables are looooong and are going to feature tons and tons of candles - similar to the three above pictures. So I don't need a ton of flowers. I love the bold yet romantic feel of the tulips, and I love the idea of making a bunch of very small flower clusters to be scattered amongst the candles.

Here are a few more things I love....

I adore the cluster of peonies in the little glass.

I think clustering single blooms might be a great way for me to achieve maximum bang for buck.

I've been researching online flower wholesalers, just out of curiosity. The prices are obviously fabulous compared to the high-end florists that scatter NYC and Long Island. While right now my wallet is pulling me to the "click here" florals, my mind its usual "what if?" game. What if I buy flowers online and they arrive dead and without a plan B. What if I buy flowers online and find myself too overwhelmed the day before the wedding to put each stem in a vase. What if this, and what if that....

Hmmmm, stay tuned to hear more of my internal struggle....

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