Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Etsy Ring Round Up!

So it's a Wednesday morning and I am off from work! I'm not going to lie, having a day off mid-week is pretty awesome!  Let me clarify though, that a day away from the corporate office does not really equal a day "off". Indeed I plan to be busy as a bee today.

I'm super excited about today because hopefully Mr. Law and I will start the process of having our wedding bands made. My cousin's (and bridesmaid) boyfriend is a jeweler and will be making our wedding bands for us.

As usually, I am torn about what to get for my wedding band. I have an antique ring with beautiful detailing next to the center stone, but the detailing is small. Correction, not small, but rather, tiny. Personally I see no problem with this - and let's be clear, I have full intention of matching my wedding band to my engagement ring, which means it will not be flashy, but quite dainty instead. Some people has suggested ignoring the design of my ring and going with a larger, diamond & shine ring (aka LARGE). The argument is that I'll be wearing it the rest of my life, and I wouldn't want to some day regret a band with minimal bling. This got me about TWO rings?! Yup, that seems fair to me! One dainty ring to match my engagement ring, and in a few years I'll start dropping hints to the hubs about an amazingly shiny anniversary eternity band for my right hand. BINGO!

Anyway, I've of course been browsing rings lately, and here are some beautiful things I have discovered for both weddings and everyday.

First, let's go through a few things I found on Etsy. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Etsy rocks!!!

First, check out all of these beautiful "Knot" themed rings. Can I just have one of each??!!

This Infinity Knot ring is beautiful, simple and elegant. It's designed by Rapunzelsgold on Etsy.
This gold filled beauty can be found in the shop of Whimsywireandwool.

This ring, by Seababe Jewelry isn't a "knot" but it has a similar feel. It's solid gold and looks killer on the hand!
On sale for $12.00?! Adorable and affordable!!!! It seems Rapunzelsgold is no one-hit wonder! 
  Here are some non-knot rings - be warned, amazingness at large!!!!!

How cute?! Get it at ChYMieRa.
This might be my favorite Etsy ring find. *sigh* so cute! It's sold here.
Jeweler on the Roof has some beautifully delicate designs in their Etsy shop.

Hope you all enjoy these rings as much as I do! I'll keep you posted on what I end up getting for myself!!

Let me know if you like this post - I'm addicted to Etsy and wouldn't mind providing you with more "Etsy Round Up" posts in the future! 

Happy mid-week day off!!!

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