Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kitchen Update: The Expensive Part is Over!

It really wasn't long ago that I posted this post, about our upcoming kitchen remodel. Well between then and now, Mike and I managed to purchase EVERYTHING we needed for the remodel.

It wasn't totally expected, but it worked out pretttttty darn amazingly. We decided, after shopping around a whole bunch, that we were going to use Home Depot for the cabinets. So this past Saturday we made an appointment for them to measure our kitchen, and the unplannedness started from there. The following Monday some dude was knocking on my front door - he was the measurer, who I totally wasn't expecting until Wednesday, but really happy to see! The very next day somebody called from Home Depot to schedule a time to sit down and create our design, and we decided to go that day. So, we decided to go in on Wednesday to do our kitchen design, and as luck would have it, Wednesday was the very last day of a big kitchen sale they were having. We ended up staying at Home Depot for over 4 hours, but at the end of the 4 hours we had ordered all of our cabinets (white painted maple), our counters (quartz), our back splash (marble and glass), our sink and our faucet. And the best part? We got everything for almost 30% off!

crummy iphone picture of our back splash tiles
I can't wait for everything to be delivered and installed! Now I just need to get through the floor remodel first, ugh!


  1. I'm so excited to see your remodel! I just moved into a very old house and we'll be doing a lot of fix-er-upper projects as well :)

  2. Purchasing materials for the remodel is indeed the most expensive part of remodelling your house. I guess you purchased quality materials too. There were times when you can find cheaper products with high quality and I guess they can be a great help in your redo. Anyway, how’s the remodelling now? Are you already starting the mess? :)

    ^- Leeanne Dyson -^

    1. Hi Leeanne! The remodeling is pretty much over, yay! We have one more bathroom to do, but it won't be as much of a project as the other one. Thanks for reading the blog :)


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