Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen Remodel: A Prelude

I've been a homeowner now for a year and a half. It sort of feels like no time, and then it also feels like forever.

I'm super happy with the home Mr. Law and I decided to purchase, and it was an incredibly hard decision to make. We looked at houses on Long Island, where we were both born and raised (and where our hearts still reside), we looked at condos (and almost bought one) in stunning pre-war buildings that were total restorations (aka gut-jobs), and then reality set in and we decided to purchase something that maybe wasn't our dream home, but it was our perfect first home. So, we now call our little two bed and two bath condo home sweet home, and we love it.

Our unit was the least updated unit in our entire development, so we knew right from the start that we would need to be doing some updating. We knew the two bathrooms and the kitchen needed total remodels. They were originals from the early 80s when the condo was built. Ick!

Within three months of moving in we decided to redo our main bathroom, here are the before and after pictures of the bathroom:

ps- we did eventually find a light fixture to go above the mirror!

Next on the renovation hit-list is the kitchen. We had planned on doing it this past fall, but we've had a few other things pop up that have caused us to push the reno into mid-January. It's ironic because the one and only thing the previous owners updated in our unit was the hardwood floors; and luck would have it that our neighbors had a leak and all of our floors buckled. Right now we are having it out with the insurance company to get our floors replaced. We are hoping to have that done before the kitchen work starts.

I'm hoping that once the floors are done I'll actually be able to start updating the rest of our home. I had partially done the living room, which I talked about in this post, and I'm really upset that after all of the hard work to build our TV unit, the sucker needs to be taken apart in order to have the floors done over. Just my luck. I've decided not to do any other decorating or anything until the floors are done, it's just too much of a pain to take everything apart.

Anyway, back to the kitchen....I'm looking forward to this project the most. Our kitchen is a disaster. It's a tiny little "pocket" kitchen, as one of our friends once put it. But even if she is pocket sized, she is super efficient!

Here are some pictures of our kitchen as it is now (don't mind the mess, I was preparing dinner when the pictures were snapped):

Makes you want to puke a little, right?

We've decided to go with white painted wood cabinets, quarts counters, glass tile backsplash and stainless appliances. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Here are some of our inspiration pictures (more can be found on my kitchen board on pinterest)

So, even though things are stressful right now, I keep telling myself: "February, February, February. It'll all be over in February."

Alright everybody, enjoy the rest of your Monday! 


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