Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!!

From Martha Stewart

Dear 2011,

You have not been a typical year; and I mean that mostly in the best of ways. It seems that you were the year of growth. Growth of family, since I got to marry my best friend, my now husband, and my forever buddy. You've given me the chance to grow as a designer, mostly through the wonderful world of Minted, where I now have a few designs for sale. You've nurtured Miss Juliet, who has grown into a beautiful little lovemutt. You allowed my stationery business to grow, while also quickly developing the growth of my professional "corporate" career. My waistline is growing. Shit. Maybe I'm not so thankful for that.

Overall, you've been good to me. Although, you have challenged me in new ways, and you almost killed me with Carbon Monoxide, but I forgive you, because I learned a valuable lesson. Although at times I thought you hated me, and I'm sorry for stomping my feet and cursing at you. Now maybe I understand why you added three inches to my waist.

Thank you, 2011, for being a kick-ass year and for giving me memories I'll cherish forever. Cheers to you, and also to the future!

With Love,

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