Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vendor Review - The Cake & Sweets

Even before we were engaged, Mike and I knew we wanted cupcakes at our wedding. At first we thought about going with one of those big famous chain type cupcake places, and then I decided I wanted something better. Way better. Enter Baked. Baked is the Mecca of comfort style, homemade desserts. I had known about Baked for a while, but didn't think they would be in my budget, so I never called. And then Oprah did a few features on them (yes, I said a few, as in, more than one), and I though "damn, these guys are huge! There's no way they could do my wedding!" So, one day, feeling a little silly, I decided to call, figuring I'd be put on hold until my ears bled. Somebody answered the phone. I was not put on hold. They are nice. They are very nice! This must be where they nicely say they can't accept any new orders.....THEY CAN DO THE WEDDING! YIPPIE!!!

Ok, so maybe I got a little too excited over the desserts, but the best part about working with Baked is that owners Renato and Matt might be like, kinda a big deal, but they are totally the nicest, most down to earth people ever. I dealt with Renato for the wedding, and felt horrible when my email account got hacked (and then got a virus) and so we played a long line of "tag, you're it". When I realized (several months after it was sent) that my deposit check never made it to their shop, I thought maybe Renato would say he couldn't hold my date anymore. Nope, he said not to worry, mail gets lost sometimes; I could pay when I pay, as long as it's before the wedding. How often does anybody say that?

Oh, and we had our last meeting the day before the "end of the world" back in May. I'm pretty sure I offered to take in any abandoned pets of the bakeshop workers, should they happen to disappear. The only things I like more than cupcakes are puppies.

So, for the wedding we ended up doing an entire table of comfort style desserts, including vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, lemon drop and pistachio cupcakes; along with a variety of other sweets, like chocolate chip cookies, brownies and whoopie pies. Our cake was a small, two tiered cake in the lemon drop flavor, and it was to die for. I ate my whole piece.

Here are a few pictures:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Renato & Baked for tastiest part of the wedding :) I can't wait to come into the shop soon, and dive into a lemon drop or pistachio cupcake!!!! If anybody else ever finds themselves in Red Hook, Brooklyn, be sure to stop in and grab some coffee and sweets.

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