Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013!

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2012 is over, and 2013 is here. I have to say I am happy about that, thrilled actually. While so many people felt that 2012 was their best year yet, it was a year of struggle, challenge and disappointment for me. There were plenty of highlights, don't get me wrong, but unfortunately those highlights are not how I define the year. From challenges with my day job, to home renovations, healthy scares, broken down cares, and product failures here at Believe Notes, I am definitely happy to see 2012 bite the dust. 

On the business side, I ended the year with a bang - I had my busiest ever holiday season for Believe Notes and Designers Care was a huge success. I was so busy that I decided to close both shops down to focus on family during the holidays. That being said, on a personal note, my husband and I ended 2012 and started 2013 on a rocky note, with a family member in the hospital, and while they'll be OK, it was still a scary experience. 

With all of that in the past, I'm confident that this is the year of great things to come. I have big plans for Believe Notes, and I'm finally getting more clarity around my business and personal goals. When I look back on my future letter from last year, I am amazed at just how much I accomplished, and with loftier, clearer goals for this year, I am sure that I'll have a continued successful path. (I'll be writing my future letter later this week or next).

I hope you all enjoyed your New Year festivities, and that you're finding yourself on the right path for this coming year!

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