Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WANTED: Organization

For those of you that know me, this post might be surprising - since I am known for being super organized and efficient. I've managed to squeeze tons of storage space into my little 1,000 sqft home - from using taller, better laid out cabinets in our new kitchen, to adding over-the-door storage behind every single closet door in our entire home - I try to maximize every inch we have.

But while my kitchen, living room, dining room and closets are nice and neatly organized, my office is a disaster. It's sad because the space is a nice big room, with a big closet, too - but it just isn't functional right now. For example, my desk area consists of one long desktop, two filing cabinets, a dry erase board (where the ink on it dried and can no longer be erased), a cork board, and two floating shelves (one of which is too high for me to reach).

To make up for the lack of efficient storage by my desk, I have added a bunch of miss matched storage solutions - from a 9 box cube thingy, to a repurposed TV unit (in title picture), and an old desk that never made it to the curb (under the window).


This morning I was showing my husband some samples of my new stationery line, and he took a step back and looked at the room. He has himself a little "Ahah!" moment and said "You need more storage." Yes, yes my love, I need lots more storage. And just like that, a new home project begins - project Jackie's office revamp.

I need my office to be more functional, and while all the pretty stuff is nice, what I need the most is a better system for bookkeeping. As my business grows (plus now I have tax obligations!) I'm finding myself overwhelmed with keeping track of receipts, order invoices, and basically any other paperwork. I'm starting to get seriously anxious about the accounting side of my business, and I'm hoping that making my office a little more functional will help me with the organization. Right now, I have a shoe box with receipts! Eeek!! (Designer friends: how do you manage your accounting stuff? I'm a designer, not a mathemagician!)

So hopefully before school starts up again in August, I'll have a nice functional office space. Somewhere to store all my paper samples, printer, envelopes etc. and be able to manage my business as well.

I sure have high hopes for this new office, don't I?!

I've started a Pinterest board just for some office inspiration. Check it out and follow me along as this new project begins!

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