Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweets Galore!

Alright, I know I haven't been blogging much, which I swore I would do more of...but really, who knew life would get so crazy!!!

Aside from all of the wedding planning, I am being very strict with what I eat (what bride doesn't go through this phase?!) After moving to our first home I packed on the lbs, and now it's time to get myself back together. I'm doing well, and I really genuinely believed that I was thinking about food less often....and then I took a peek at my own blog....

Oh boy, oh boy. I think I have a problem. It seems that while I've been staying away from some of my favorite sweets in real life, I have been drooling over them via technology.

Well, I've decided to embrace the digital bakery. It's so much safer to window shop online than in real person, and so browsing I've gone....

Here are some things I must try when the wedding is over, and if you want to try them yourselves, please let me know how they go:

these waffle cookies are made in 90 seconds!
Champagne cupcakes? I think I'll have one to celebrate after the wedding!

The easiest chocolate cake ever? Oh really?

Mini cupcake cake-pops....I must be dreaming.

OK, I must stop.....

*sigh* I love sweets.

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