Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sorry - Again!

It's been too long. I know. I'll hang my head for you. Will you feel better if I bribe you with a yummy rainbow cupcake photo??

OK, so what good is a cupcake you can see, but can't eat? Sorry for the tease...

Lately I cannot seem to keep up with the days. They seem to come and go, come and go, come and go. Then, all of a sudden, I look back and realize my poor blog has been neglected.

Good news is that since the last post (about girl scout cookies) I've made some progress in my wedding diet :) ! Just in time too, because my gown came in a few days ago!! Before the wedding diet my days consisted of going to work, coming home and blogging/designing, making dinner, walking the dog, and then going to bed. Now my days consist of work, P90X, salads, dog walking, wedding planning, and sheer panic - I mean joy!- about the upcoming wedding. Oh, and somewhere in the mix I need to remember that I'm still in grad school. Yikes.

Maybe moving forward you'll see a bit more of me, since I've hired a wedding planner to assist me for the rest of the journey. She's a blessing, and has already taken a weight off of my shoulders.

In the meantime, I've been pretty busy in the land of design. Here are some sneak peaks of some things that will soon appear in my Etsy shop (which has also, sadly, been neglected lately). I've been getting a lot of clients looking for thank-you stationery, and here are some of what's been created:


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