Monday, March 15, 2010

Holy Hurricane!!!

Alright, so I officially believe that the world is coming to an end. Maybe. Ok, so maybe I don't really believe it, but I did just watch the History Channel's 2012 show (for the fourth time- you'd think I'd learn by now) and I'm shaking in my boots. I mean, what else could possibly explain the madness that has been New York and Long Island this winter?? During a normal winter we may get one 'blizzard' that leaks at most 4 inches of snow on us, but no, not this winter, this winter we got SEVERAL blizzards. Real blizzards too, with several FEET of snow.

Last week it was almost 60 degrees out. Beautiful. And then...


Four inches of rain, 70+mph winds, garbage pails flying, 'For Sale' signs soaring, wires down, trees crashing to the ground! What on earth is going on!!!??? This past weekend delivered one of the worst storms I've ever seen, and I've seen some cool storms (Jones Beach Theater lightening strike '08- dur!)

Anyway, the weekend started with rain on Friday (which is also my fiance's birthday) and by Saturday the winds were a howlin'! Saturday is my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!!) in which he and my mother planned to go out to dinner on their own, while I planned to go to the in-laws and celebrate my fiance's birthday. When the power went out at my house (and most of the restaurants) I invited my rents to come celebrate all the birthdays with me and my in-laws. So off we all marched to Restaurante de In-Law to enjoy an awesome (I mean awesome) Italian birthday meal...and so the story begins...

We were all enjoying ourselves when POP!!! Looked like fireworks going off in the backyard and then WHAM! All the power was out!

So we grabbed the flashlights and went to investigate- turns out a pole went down in the backyard and pulled all the wiring right off the house!
Well- it won't stop us from enjoying a good meal. How romantic, dinner by candle light amongst good company.
Even the firetrucks came by...
Which scared the little one...
But we didn't let a little blown transformer ruin our birthday celebration, some good old sparkler candles, a few birthday boys, and one sad crown was all we needed.

That night we all went without power and it was coooold!!! Sunday Mike's family got power back, but we were still without- so we packed up all of our electronics and headed to my grandparents. After being totally recharged, and fed very well, we headed back home for our second night in the freezing, dark home. Luckily the power came back during the night, but unluckily my car had some damage. So today I took the day off to tend to my car and get her all fixed up bella-bella-nice-nice.

These are some shots I took while wandering around town waiting for my car to get healed. Most of the trees had already been cut back during the night, but the debris were everywhere. Schools were canceled, roads were closed, cars were smushed, houses were crushed...and of course, I was out with my camera.

EEK! I hope the weather calms down soon!!

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