Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Thinking

Lately I've been totally entranced by super modern, uber graphic designs. I'm totally digging neutral backgrounds with POPS of bright color. Graphic patterns? Yes please! Funky fonts? Why not!! Mixing feminine with masculine, or dainty fonts with bold colors, flowers with stripes, I just love it! Simple graphics make my fingers tingle, and plain ol' typography designs certainly float my boat lately.

Here are some things that have been inspiring me lately:


I got these glasses for my best friend during the holidays, it was love at first sight. 
The simple use of fonts require no graphics at all; they are stunning on their own. 
These little puppies will certainly be a welcomed addition to my new home. 

The Dave Matthews Band. It saddens me to see this pictures, since it is so obviously missing LeRoi Moore; saxophonist and founding DMB member.  Sadly LeRoi passed away after an ATV accident. With or without Roi, the DMB is still my absolute favorite band. They've inspired almost everything I do in my life. Their music simply animates my soul. What I find most inspirational is their talent to combine simple melodies with complex jam sessions. Hmm..maybe I can capture some of that in my design work!


Cooking. It's colorful, flavorful and can be as healthy (or un-healthy) as your heart desires! 
The possibilities with food are as endless as the possibilities of design

I know the picture here is small, but the impact this has had on me is HUGE. Focus on the following, commit it to your memory:
What we are doing to the individuals who cultivate our coffee is more than scary; it's in humane.
Third-world workers devestate their land in order to provide coffee (for pennies) to large coffee corporations. Coffee harvesters in South America can barely afford to survive on the wages they are paid by US coffee companies. 
These large corporations then turn around and sell the coffee for nearly 500% profit. 
Cut out the corporation and purchase fair trade coffee; which guarantees the coffee farmer will be compensated directly and fairly. The coffee is generally completely organic, extremely tasty, and less expensive! Just look for the above label when buying coffee.
Best part, they now sell fair trade organic coffee at Target!

Last, but MOST DEF not least, my largest source of inspiration right now comes from, you guessed it, getting engaged. My ring is a true one-of-a-kind antique ring estimated at nearly 100 years old! It's pretty cool, the way it's made is extremely different than any jewelry today, and I'm proud of that. To me, this ring exhibits everything I stand for. It's awesome looking, it's of a quality that just doesn't exist anymore, and, since it's essentially 'used' I feel like I did good to the planet (and by 'I', I really mean my fiance). I'm constantly inspired by the man I plan to marry, the wedding we've been cooking up together, and the life we want to lead. 

So, what inspires YOU?! 

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