Friday, October 1, 2010

Back in Business!!

Ahhh - so after a several month slump (from blogging that is), I'm BACK!!

Check out some of my latest designs on Minted, and please check back at the end of the competition to vote for myself and for all the other designers!

Here's what I submitted, although I do think I'll be making some modifications as time moves on.

One of the topics that has come up recently on the Minted Forum is this notion of copying designs. My thoughts are really simple: DO NOT DO IT!!!

Designers work so hard on coming up with something that accurately represents them and their style. Tons of time and creativity get put into each and every details of every single design. That being said, it's really hurtful, and down right wrong, to copy a design exactly.

Like many other designers out there, I am often inspired by other pieces of art or stationary. Sometimes I rework something into my own style, or my own vision, but I will never, ever take something that isn't mine and copy + paste.

Being inspired is beautiful, copying is ugly.

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