Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I should be packing but....

Instead I would rather be looking at some of my favorite online distractions.

So I know this is a stationary/paper product blog, and trust me, I've been doing a TON of designing, but not a whole ton of printing, since my printer is currently buried among the moving boxes. It will be unearthed soon though, since tomorrow is the BIG day- closing!!- and then moving over the weekend!! Yippie!!

In the meantime, while I wait for my partner in crime to show up with his mothers van to pack, I've been browsing to keep my mind busy...

Have you seen this before? Now that I'll have my own kitchen I MUST try some of these desserts!! Adorable!!!

How about anything from this blog? I'm totally in love - and can't wait to try - recipes from Modern Foodie.

I always vowed to stay away from Martha Stewart, but I'm sorry, these cupcakes make me giddy!

Alright, since I am watching the waistline, thanks to the wedding dress search, I must move away from the food blogs....

This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite blogs. Makes me feel all warm and dreamy inside....makes me want to sing and dance...makes me want to make everything prettiful!

Hope you all enjoy the updates as much as I do! Tomorrow, when you think you are having the most stressful day ever, just think of me moving into my first place and take a deeeeep inhale- I guarantee I will be a trillion times more stressed than you!

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