Saturday, June 30, 2012

National Stationery Show 2012 Pt 2 - The Matchbook Notebooks

In a previous post, I talked about my first ever trip to the National Stationery Show (NSS), which is like Mecca to stationery designers and paper people.

Well, as if going wasn't amazing enough, Amber of Flywheel Press, and sponsored by Legion Paper, put together an amazing scavenger hunt for luxurious Matchbook Notebooks. Amber collaborated with 15 letterpress printers with booths at the NSS to create and entire set of mini letterpress matchbooks that, once all collected, go together in a beautiful box.

Tanya and I were like two women on a mission - we had our checklist and booth numbers, and we loved going around and meeting all of the amazing designers and collecting our notebooks. We got all but one book, but Hailey of Hello Hailey saved the day! She was at the show the following day and managed to pick up the last book for us. You rock Hailey!

Designers that participated: Albertine Press, Anemone Letterpress, Bison Letterpress, Blackbird Letterpress, Flywheel Press, Kelp Design, L2 Design, Lady Pilot Letterpress, Maginating, May Day Studio, The Nic Studio, Paisley Tree Press, Paper Boat Studios, Pistachio Press, Sapling Press, Two Paper Dolls

Might I also add that, in general, I LOVE scavenger hunts! If you are ever in New York City, I highly recommend Watson Adventures, which has scavenger hunts that double as city tours. They are SO MUCH FUN! I have done the Grand Central and Little Italy hunts.

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